Final Results


PacRim came once again to a formal closing on March 24th.  The closing ceremonies again showed how PacRim is much more than just a sailing regatta, it is truly an exchange of cultures, meeting new friends and seeing old friends from the 7 Countries.  When PacRim started in 1990 in Bellingham, it was organized by the Bellingham Sister Cities Association with the Bellingham Yacht Club running the sailing regatta.  The same was true in Port Stephens, their Sister Cites was the host and the Port Stephens Yacht Club ran the races.

PSYC Commodore John Way, Regatta Coordinator Bill Haskell, Port Stephens Mayor Bob Westbury

The friendship and building of relationships between the Countries truly comes out during PacRim.  With nearly 300 people involved, it is simply not possible to be a part of the event and not build new relationships.  Besides the regatta, which this year Team Bellingham took 2nd Place in all three categories, the Ambassadors and spend their days either watching the regatta from a spectator boat, or touring the community, learning about the different Countries and building lasting relationships between the Sister Cities.

1st Place New Zealand, 2nd Place United States, 3rd Place Australia (left to right)

In 2014, Bellingham will be the host for PacRim.  Bellingham is where the idea was born, and the first Regatta was held.  It was also held here in 2002.  The third PacRim in Bellingham, PacRim 2014, will again be an opportunity for the Bellingham Sister Cities Association and the Bellingham Yacht Club to again work together in showcasing our community and our yacht club.  The organizing for PacRim 2014 is beginning, and if you are interested in helping with the Organizing Committee, please contact Carol Veach, President, Bellingham Sister Cities Association (

Sister Cities Representative Karen Callery with Mayor Bob Westbury, Team Bellingham Performs, Tapio Holma & Marg Wilkinson

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