20140727-PacRim-Three-Part-Logo-With-SaturnaWhatcom County and the City of Bellingham are serving as host to the 7th biennial Pacific Rim Regatta during the week of September 6-13, 2014. This international sailing competition, sponsored jointly by the Bellingham Sister Cities Association and the Bellingham Yacht Club, welcomes visiting Racers and Ambassadors from the Pacific Rim countries of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Russia.

The Pacific Rim Regatta Planning Committee is now actively seeking representatives from the community to serve as Ambassadors. If you are interested in this wonderful multi-cultural experience, please complete the PacRim Ambassador Application found by clicking here.

This is truly a wonderful experience, and here are just two reasons you want to be an Ambassador for PacRim 2014:

  • – The chance to help visitors from our sister cities countries to experience our life, country and culture here in Whatcom County. It is really amazing to both teach and learn from people from other countries.
  • – The chance to build relationships, new friendships and family members. This experience will give you the chance to bond in a way you never expected!  Many will have so much gratitude for the opportunity you have experienced with them. You will share many laughs along the way and make memories to last a lifetime. Most likely you will remain in contact long after they return home, and most likely have a home of your own to visit in the country you host!

A few things that will be expected of you as an Ambassador for PacRim 2014:

  • Join Bellingham Sister Cities Association ($25.00);
  • Participate in PacRim 2014 activities from September 6-13, 2014 (a full week of fantastic Ambassadorial events for only $250.00); and
  • Enjoy the time you have with other visitors here in our beautiful part of the world!

For more complete information on the Pac Rim Regatta, history, and info on how to become involved, please use this link: Pac Rim Regatta site. You can also contact John Gargett, Co-Chair (Shoreside) at john@pacrim2014.com.


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