PacRim 2020 Boats

  • The event will be sailed in Konrad 25 class boats.
  • Boats will be rotated between competing teams each day, commencing with a random
    draw before the regatta, then rotated each day.
  • The following sails will be provided for each boat: Mainsail, Genoa, Jib, Spinnaker.
  • A team representing a PACRIM country is not restricted by number, while a crew on
    board shall consist of 4-5 members while racing.
  • All teams are required to fly their respective country flags at all times.
  • The organizing authority will use its best endeavors to ensure that all boats comply with
    the Konrad 25 class rules, and the applicable Safety Regulations. Failure of any boat to
    comply with the class rules or the safety regulations will not be grounds for protest by
    the competitors.
  • The OA reserves the right to substitute the type of boats used.
  • Boats shall be kept in their assigned places while they are in the harbor.
  • Keelboats shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with and according to the
    terms of prior written permission of the race committee.