Pac Rim 2018 - Team USA - Sailor Application

Pacific Rim Challenge Regatta

March 9, 2018-March 16, 2018

Tauranga, New Zealand

  • Participant Contact Information

  • Yacht Club Information

  • Membership in a Whatcom County yacht club is required.
  • Enter "Other" Whatcom County Yacht Club of which you are a member.
  • Briefly describe your activities, specifically volunteerism, with the Bellingham Yacht Club or the Whatcom County yacht club of which you are a member.
  • Bellingham Sister City Information

  • Membership in the Bellingham Sister Cities organization is required in order to participate in the regatta. Applications can be found at
  • Briefly describe your participation (if any) with Bellingham Sister Cities. Enter "None" if you haven't participated.
  • Past Pac Rim Information

  • Briefly describe your position(s), activities, specifically volunteerism, in past Pacific Rim Regattas.
  • Sailing Resume

    A resume of your sailing experience must be attached. Be sure to include years of racing, types of boats, specific skills and all local, regional, national and international racing successes.
  • Acceptable file formats are (doc, pdf, txt, xls). Note: If you are unable to upload a copy of your resume, see the instructions below for mailing your resume.
  • What is your greatest racing accomplishment and what did you learn from this?
  • What is your most disappointing racing experience, and what could have you done better?
  • What is your racing strength (be specific) and your racing weakness?
  • Additional Information

  • Fees

    We have not yet received information regarding the registration fee from New Zealand, but we anticipate it will be in the range of $250-$300 for the week which in the past has included opening and closing ceremony dinners, lunches on the water during practice and race days and morning coffee each day. Once we have the information we will publish it on the PacRim 2018 website.

  • Travel Documents

    If you are a U.S. citizen, you are eligible for a visa waiver and do not need a visa for tourist stays of three months or less. You must have a passport that is valid for at least three months beyond your planned departure from New Zealand. Visit the New Zealand Embassy website for the most current visa information.
  • Mail/Email Addresses

    All applications and fees must be received by September 1, 2017.

    If you need to mail your resume, use the following address:

    Pacific Rim Yacht Challenge 2018
    Attn: Neil Bennett, PacRim 2018 Co-Chair
    2625 South Harbor Loop Drive
    Bellingham, WA 98225

    or you may email it to:

    All applications will be evaluated on basis of required information only.