PacRim 2018 – Tauranga, NZ – Boats

The type of boat that will be raced for the 2018 PacRim Regatta in Tauranga, NZ are the Noelex 25 class boat, a trailered 25-foot boat with an enclosed cabin. The boat has a ballasted shoal keel with centerboard and a retractable rudder. The engine is an outboard mounted centerline in the boat. The standing rigging is fractional and consists of a forestay and two shrouds, located aft of the mast at the deck. There are no lower shrouds or backstay. It has a relatively large main sail which is sheeted to a traveler located in the cockpit, a self-tacking single jib (although some may have been converted) and a spinnaker. As the rig is fractional, the spinnaker is not overly large. For more information and photographs of the boat, click here to go to the TYPBC PacRim website. Scroll down to see the information about the boats.

As in recent years, each country will man two boats with teams of four sailors.